Moving my DigitalOcean node to Nix (Chapter 1...)

#nix #hosting

Lately I have been switching my primary Linux PC from Arch Linux to NixOS, a Linux distribution with a functional twist: completely stateless configuration. It's been quite a pleasant ride, and Nix the expression language, though a bit lacking in friendly documentation, is actually not that hard to get used to (... but the nixpkgs.lib functions are not!)

With the help of home-manager, a Nix module/program that manages user-specific configuation in the same Nix language, I have a completely working .config with all the relevant programs installed (kak editor, fish with my bindings, ...) completely synchronized between my M1 MacBook Air and the Linux PC.

Of course, to expand the reach of Nix, I decided to move my DigitalOcean node, where I run my Discord bots, a personal email server, a git server and a small photo store, to NixOS as well.

What are the goals of a remote NixOS configuration?

And... that should be good for now! I am still in the process of setting things up. Expect follow up posts in the future!

You can find my entire configuration tree on nix-home (which will be public soon, I promise...!)